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Women's Casual Solid Knee Length Flare A-line Skirt with Elastic Waistband

$ 18.95
: Black

This skirt is a fashionable and comfortable option for casual wear. The skirt is designed to be knee length, which means it falls to just above or below the knee. This length is a popular choice for casual wear as it is both comfortable and practical. It also allows for ease of movement, making it a great option for running errands, meeting up with friends or even working in a casual environment.



  • Woman's Casual Solid High Waisted Knee Length Flare A-line Skirt with Elastic Waistband. ITY 95% POLYESTER 5%SPANDEX.
  • Elastic Closure. Fabric blended with spandex for stretch and comfort.
  • This Basic Knee Length Skirt will be your obvious choice to lounge at home, travel, dates, work for stay at home, club night, day out, or anytime you want to feel your best!
  • Dress it up for work with a blazer or dress shirt, or dress it down for date night with some heels! It's so versatile that you can wear this flare skirt any day of the week!
  • Machine Wash / Do Not Bleach / Tumble Dry Low